Best Apprentice Award

“Competitive Apprentice Means Job Availability” program of “Miassine” foundation came to its final point and resulted in Best Apprentice Award. The nominees were invited to the Residence of the President of Armenia for the award ceremony on December 14, 2021.

The alumnus of the Center Hrag Guzuyian who graduated from “Culinary” department was announced the best apprentice in “Cook” nomination. The head of the Career Center Anush Stepanyan and the second-year student Elen Gevorgyan got certificates.

The Center appreciates greatly the activities of “Miassine” foundation in the field of apprenticeship and thanks the foundation for enrolment the students of the Center in “Competitive Apprentice Means Job Availability” program that gave them an opportunity to understand the meaning of apprenticeship.

The participation in competitions and awards motivate the students and develop their self-esteem.