CEPFA (French-Armenian Vocational Education Center) together with a member of its Board of Trustees, Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Levon Hovhannisyan was honored to welcome senator of the New Rhone County and Lyon Metropole Mr. Gilbert-Luc Devinaz who headed France-Armenia Friendship Group. Senator of Bouches-du-Rhône Mrs. Brigitte Devesa was also in the delegation.


Mr. Christian Droz, the president of CEPFA Board of Trustees, delivered his welcoming speech. Mrs. Véronique Furlan, the general director of SEPR, performed the development projects of the Center.

The delegation was showed round the college. The guests were satisfied with their visit and wrote down warm words in CEPFA official guest book. They spoke about collaboration, expressed their willingness to assist CEPFA in its development projects for the benefit of the students’ education.

We show our appreciation to the delegation members for their visit and readiness to support Armenia in the hard time for the country.